I’m only human | Can you please take what I feel in consideration first?

I’m so frustrated I could just RAAARGH!!! Punches wall Sigh

Hey guys. I’m sorry for that outburst of feelings but I just had to release it before I Spontaneously explode with to much filling my chest. I hate the fact that I can’t please everyone and that I usually get stuck between two different things. If they think what they’re doing is hard what about me juggling different stuff at once? This is seriously one of my problems with a high multiple intelligence. I mean really, have they even thought of how I felt? I’m just here sitting quietly trying to keep both sides happy while trying to attain a personal goal as well.

Basically what I’m saying is I’m only Human I can’t be in two places at once. Its not my fault both the Pageant and the Musical play were that close. Don’t fault me, If I let one go my grades in English will drop and my classmates will hate me, if I drop the other my grades in AP will drop and those friendships I started might just stagger. Now your trying to tell my how to manage my time when both of the people I work with are strict when it comes to practices. I don’t want anyone to think I’m going for favoritism. Cause honesty that’s not it what’s really going through my mind is who I’m more comfortable to be with. To be frank that wouldn’t be my classmates. They might support me but they also use that as a grudge which is really wrong. Plus I’ve spent so much on the Pageant why don’t I focus on that instead? Cause my classmates want me to play the part I’m playing. They’re the ones who want me to play that role in the first place. Want me to play that role? Then let me do what I want unless you want someone else to do it.

I don’t know its just frustrating you know. Trying to juggle many things at once. Hopefully after these my year would be peaceful. I don’t want to be bothered with anymore contest this year cause I want to focus on different things apart from those I already did. I want to freshen up my schedule for once. sigh Well what ever might happen you know what just let it. Actually it wouldn’t be hard to juggle those two things if only I had nothing to lose when I pursue the other. Unfortunately there is. Grades and the contentment of certain people. I guess this is my fate. To please others without making myself happy.


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