Am I becoming too friendly?

“I’m not telling you its wrong to help others, but take in consideration yourself first…
Who would be more pitiful in the end?” -Dad

Hey guys, Its just me you friendly neighborhood guy. You know, our parents tell us a lot of things. Barely any of them goes through us. Sometimes there are just some things they say that goes through us. Breaks us. Makes us wonder. Well yesterday was one of days where we hear something over think about it and yeah. So last night I told my dad about Brazil. The guy I loaned cash to, remember him? Well anyways he hasn’t payed me yet. I really doubt he’s gonna pay. The only thing my dad told me was that its not wrong to help others, as long as we can sustain ourselves first cause if we give something to other people we need to have something left for us. In the end we will be more pitied. That made me wonder.

Am I becoming too friendly?

Well I’ve always been friendly to the point its not me who eats my packed lunch anymore but some of my classmates. I just let them. Even if I become hungry, the only thing in my mind is Its fine its better them than me. Same goes for money. But sometimes I just. I just don’t think its right anymore. I starve, I beg. Why? Cause I gave to much to other people that I forget about my needs. I guess, in doing so I make myself aloof from my parents. *sigh* I don’t know. I’d just let it happen to me.

On other places I guess its winter already. The year is almost nearing its end. Hope next year would be better than this one. Being friendly does hurt sometimes. But its the only thing I know to do. Lets just hope the future would be good to me. As for know I’ll just enjoy the present and do my best in the upcoming pageant this Friday.


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