The Black Fedora

NightHawks Edward Hopper

It was getting late, the night started to dim. I’m on the brink of solving my case, the last case I’d ever look into. It all started a months ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. Me and my partner mike were on our way to the coal factory on the other side of the town after an insider tipped us off that a drug meeting was going to take place there. “Here we are” He said as he got out of the car. “I’ll go take a closer look.” He entered the building I was off to follow him. Lighting a cigarette a grabbed my gun on the dashboard the moment I opened the car doors I heard gunshots. “MIKE!” I yelled out. The next thing I knew the whole coal factory blew up. “MIKE!!!”

I woke up the next day, everything was a blur. My memory was a bit hazy after that event. The only thing that keeps running in my mind was Mike. Mike. He was my partner, and he was like no other, I treated him as my son. I don’t know what to do. I looked around I was in a hospital. Looking at my hand it was strapped in a dextrose. The next thing I knew I was seeking out for revenge. Revenge on who did it. Then I remember this guy Tony. He was the leader of a big drug cartel but we couldn’t get any evidence to bring him down. He was my target. I stood up and ripped the needle off my arm. I noticed the place was unusually quiet. I grabbed my fedora on the table next to my bed and scouted out. The hallways were empty. I went down the stairway. I heard a sound, a door opening. “Keep your eyes peeled” I heard one of them. “I’ll go this way you go that way.” I ducked to the nearest cover I could find. I realized then it was me they were trying to find. I had no gun with me so I just stuck with sheer instincts. I hid in the shadows and waited for the guy to pass through. The moment he turned his back I hit him in the neck. He retaliated. I quickly strangled him til he was was unconscious. I leaned down and took his gun. I saw a glimpse of light in his back pocket. It was a cigarette lighter from the club not to far from here. That was the only lead I had so I took it. But first I have to get out. I battled my way out, gunshots roaring at every corner. Luckily I managed to survive. How? I didn’t know. I guess it was sheer will. Mike…

I walked down the alleys. Thinking. Trying to get a clear picture of what happened. I needed clues. I realized the club was a long shot but its the way to go. The moment I got there I realized it was a dead end. I looked down at the lighter. ‘Litche’ I read. Then I remembered ‘Litche’ was the name of one of our insiders. A woman came up to me. It was Mike’s Sister. She asked me how was I. I told her everything that happened. I was hesitant at first. I knew it would hurt her to know that her brother is dead. But she just looked up to me and told me we’ll find the killer. We did espionage for Weeks until we found someone who could shed light on the events.

That’s how I got here now. I went to the ruins of the coal factory. I don’t know why but I felt like I missed something there. Then I saw a black fedora. I knew it was Mike’s… Mike… I vow to find your killer. It was dark now. The only thing his sister last told me is to head to the diner at midnight and wait for a woman. That’s what I did. I waited for so long. Chatting with the guy at the bar. Later the woman walked in along with a man. They nodded to each other. Later the woman went up and let me in the back door. She held up a gun at me. The next thing I knew I’m dead.

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