What is love? | Unconditional love and Nostalgia

I remember when I was young, Watched too much anime, and that made me a hopeless romantic. I remember watching romantic comedies and the like back then, that really made me something today. But before I became who I am I had to go through changes which brought different experiences in life. You know? we never stop changing, never. We’re always growing up and we never get any younger. When I was a child I always loved to be loved, and it hurts me so much when someone doesn’t like me, hence me becoming so assertive in life. As I grew up I had many questions in life. One of those is what love Is cause honestly when I was a child I’ve courted three girls so seriously I cried over it in bed at night. That was a long time ago. I believed then that If you never gave up then you would succeed in the end. That may be but there are a hell lot of other things we have to take into consideration, how the person feels and if it affects other people besides you. Honestly sometimes we fall so in love that we don’t realize that we’re already hurting other people. So what is love? Well this is my own interpretation but I believe that the way I see love is a way people should too. This doesn’t only refer to romantic love but love in general, but something that I’d go into specifics is unconditional love. I’m also gonna be discussing nostalgia since it has relevance to the topic and I feel its nice to know about as well. Love is, well according to the dictionary is…

“Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.”

Well that explains it in a nutshell but I believe there is something more to it. If you love something you want it and you take care for it. You have affection for that thing. Love gives us the feeling of euphoria. When we love our brains release endorphins and oxytocin both of which is responsible on how we feel but if we just defined it of feeling good for something what happens if things go bad? Does that mean that you no longer love that certain person or thing? No here is where unconditional love comes in. Last year when I was still a freshman I fell in love with this girl. I’d do anything for her, and I mean it. Even though I’ve moved on since she got a boy friend and all that I still have slight affections for her. What I’m saying is Unconditional love, no matter what you do or what happens you’ll still find a way to love her. Even though you know your hurting yourself or your tiring yourself out you don’t care you love that person. I remember running miles for her just to get wants and I know she needs, even if she didn’t ask for it. I was tired, but hey did that stop me? No. I realized then that it’s better that we’re friends. I never want to start a fight and If a fight ever starts I’d drop my pride and do what’s right. That is true love. True love doesn’t me you have to be a couple. True love comes with best friends. I know because she is my best friend and she ended up with my other best friend. Basically we’re a trio but she fell hard for him more than me, but I told myself you know what? Its better this way since the bonds of friendship is stronger that anything else right? This is how you know your friendship is real. I have a Best Friend. No matter what happens I never fought him. We always find a way to make both sides happy because we know that, that is what is needed. When I know he’s wrong I tell him I don’t lie and mask the truth. Same goes for him. We look out for each others backs.


Have you ever had the feeling when you looked back and realized you loved something? That’s nostalgia. Maybe you never really appreciated it when you were young but when you look back you realized, I had this all along and why did I never took the chance to appreciate it? Now you feel regret but at the same time you realized that you actually loved it. May it be a person or a thing. It doesn’t matter you loved it you were attached to the memory and that’s what matters. So basically what I’m saying is love in short. Its what you do, Its your actions, the way you look at things and the way you accept things. You know for a fact that you love this and you would do everything for it. But let me tell you this guys. Don’t be blind. Back at sixth grade I loved so hard unconditionally and that seriously broke me when the girl I courted just used me. After graduation I never heard from her ever again. *sigh. Learn to listen and understand. Learn to feel and take the others into consideration as well. Don’t get used and stay safe. If your hurting the other party then let go.

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