Wait you can do that? | Blog Update

Blog Update

Only now did I learn how to use the Read More tag. I never really checked what was in the toolbars til I began wondering why do other blogs have the continue reading at the end of there posts. I thought it was part of the theme but it seemed not so I googled it. I’m such a scrub when it comes to this. I also changed the theme again so yay.

I don’t like feeling uncomfortable with something. I believe you guys too. Its like a cluttered workspace. You just have to find the perfect balance to get work done. So I redid the the blog theme again to something I’m more comfortable with. Something more me. Hopefully this works for me. Maybe it will, maybe not. I guess we’ll just see.

The blog is less cluttered now with the read more tag and it’d be easier to navigate now so that’s good.

I’ll probably take a look at the widgets to see what needs fixing by tomorrow. Well later I guess. Its 1 o’clock in the morning so yeah.


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