Pay your debts now!

Hey guys. Its me here, the boy next door Albert. Anyways today we had some fun staying in a empty room for 3 hours waiting for our trainer to come while the rest of the school is in the grounds under scorching hot heat we’re in the comfort of our own room, so yeah. Anyways I’ve figured out my annoyance when I first joined the contest. Its the teachers of the AP Department. Basically they are so annoying giving us no inspiration at all. We hope to shove their faces wrong when we show off what we’re capable of in the seventh of the eleventh. Only realized now that our contest is on 7-11. Makes me wanna have a Slurpee right now.

That guy Brazil still haven’t payed his debt. I can’t believe I lent him money and he haven’t even paid for the costume yet. Urgh its just so annoying. He better pay it back by next week or else I’ll, I’ll, I don’t know what I’d do. But I swear it won’t be right. The nerves really. That money is enough to finish my down for my costume. If the amount I gave was a couple dollars it’d be fine but no he had to borrow more than that from me. All the things I could do with that money really.

For the next couple of days the only thing I’d probably be doing is finding ways to sell tickets. The nerves of the AP Teachers raising their voices on us when they haven’t even seen how we performed yet. Once they see the support we have its enough to start a revolution in that school and I swear I will start a revolution if I have too. If that’s what it will take to make the school better and that I shall do.

Anyways guys I still have to get a black V-neck by tomorrow so I’ll end this here.

Just a few weeks left before Christmas, can’t wait. I want a camera! >.<

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