Make some noise! | How I got where I am right now

Hey guys! Albert Ibay here. Today class is back in session starting with a new teacher in Technology and Livelihood Education. This week I guess we won’t be doing that much in terms of actual school work. Heck only 20% of the students actually came. The only thing that’s new I guess is the new security cams our school installed.

Anyways I am so happy to see how much my fans support me. Earlier today hundred of students came and watched our practice for the United Nations Pageant and I have to say the cheers just inspires me to do more. Hearing them chant my name. Its an amazing feeling.

I remember when I was a freshman, new school, new faces and all that stuff. There used to be this student, I remember every time he went up the stage everyone was cheering for him. Everyone loved him and at that moment I wondered to myself how he managed to get that much support from the students. Now I know. Start with the small things and hey slowly those things would build up and become something bigger, something better. I started by joining clubs and the next thing I new I’m campaigning for the SSG. I do fair of amount of work for the church as well. Dancing, Singing. Slowly this built up my confidence and made me who I am.

Hey lets not forget about my main foundations. Inocencio. Man do I love them. Their basically the reason on how I was able to be who I am. They built me ground up to how I am able to project myself to other people pretty well. From the musical plays I had with them to the awesome teachers who inspired me. They are the people I will never forget.

Then there’s my fans. Started small and they slowly grew. Every cheer I hear it pushes me to go further. I tell myself its not about me. Its about entertaining the crowd and letting everything inside me go.

Its the people we meet that helps us get to where we are. The people who taught us when we were children til now. Those stays, those leave a mark. Parents, Teachers, Friends. Let me tell you guys don’t forget to thank them. Because without them you would never get to where you are. 😉

So I would like to thank my Parents, Inocencio, My friends, and Eusebio for making me who I am. For teaching me the values in life which you imparted to make me a better person.

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