Sembreak is ending and it was…

Sembreak is ending and I don’t really know if I spent it that well.

Hey guys! How are you? What have you ate for lunch a while ago? Me? Well I had some Rice Noodles or Pancit as we call it here and Coke. I have to say my meal really didn’t agree with me. My stomach felt like it was eating itself after that meal Ugh. I was stuck in the Wash Room for quite a while.

Anyways I just got home from a Children’s Birthday Party over at Jolibee and I have to say it was a pretty humiliating Time in there. Basically we lost a game and as consequence we had to sing Happy Birthday in the tone of an animal we’ve chosen while doing what that animal does. luckily I got first so I got to choose the least humiliating animal possible. A dog. *sigh I’m so tired…

So tomorrow I’m going to school and today marks the end of my semester break. Didn’t really feel like a vacation anyways. I still had to do school work most of the days of my vacay. To be quite frank I guess this vacation only opened my eyes for stuff I could possibly do but never really thought much about. For example I’m gonna try to start making RPG’s Again and Also Increase my skills as a programmer. Well lets just hope this ends well. My head is aching like crazy right now so I’m gonna cut this short. Sembreak was not as I thought it would be :3

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