Just one more level | Lord of the rings Return of the Kings

Heavenly Nostalgia, Its been years since I last played this game and man is it addicting.

Hey guys! Yeah you guessed it. LoTR RoTK got me so immersed in Lord of the Rings again and now I can’t stop playing it. All those memories and pure nostalgic fun is coming back. Lord of the Rings is by far my second most favorite franchise First is Harry Potter. After getting the game yesterday I got so addicted and can’t believe how it seems so easy now compared to when I was a child. In nearing 4 hours I managed to complete 67% Of the game. It would’ve been quicker if I didn’t level grind Legolas in the southern gates.

Anyways, how was your day! Me its a 3 out of 5 I guess. The school is holding a play thing for the teachers of different schools so we won’t be practicing tomorrow nor the day after so I guess that extends my time for leisure a bit. Nonetheless my Vacay is still short. A while ago me and my Pageant friends were at my place just chilling other than that nothing else worth mentioning happened.


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