I Told Myself Not To Procrastinate, So Much For That.

Hey guys, sembreak its alright. Had the chance to do stuff I didn’t. But there is one thing that’s boggling me though.

I got a game I used to play back when I was a child. Lord of the Rings Return of the Kings. Its quite addicting you know. Nostalgia brings back so much. I can’t believe how I thought it too be hard when I was young. Now its just a piece of cake to me. Finished Gandalf’s Story line in less than an hour and only failed a mission once. I remember when I was a Child I couldn’t even get pass the walls of Minas tirith and now I finished 1/4 of the game without any difficulty. Hope it gets more challenging.

I said before that I’d do my best to stop procrastinating. This game holds me against my will really. Still its not like I’m gonna spend the whole break playing it 24/7. Still its gonna eat up most of my time though.

Anyways earlier today my classmates said that we’d have a practice for the musical play. It rained they chose to continue it in our classmates house and guess what happened? Utter procrastination we made 0 progress. Seriously our director should be more firm when it comes to this and to think they get angry when I fail to show at one of their practices. The nerve really.

My break is ending early. More like an extended weekend than sembreak to me. Tomorrow I’m gonna be heading back to school to practice for the pageant so yeah. Its getting late so I’m gonna cut this short. Night guys 🙂


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