Goals | If I can do it you can do it too

Hey there guys, so as I have said last night our semester break already started.

Now I don’t want to procrastinate so I need to have some plans on how to spend my 2 weeks of vacation. I don’t want to spend it doing something stupid like lie around all the time watching the TV or surfing the net. I need to take this time to do things I haven’t done in a while due to a lots off school work being done.
So here are my plans for the next to weeks.

First of all I want to develop a proper workout routine. This is something I really, really always fail to do. Usually it only lasts for a week then I stop for a couple of months. I need to train my mind and body discipline if I want to stay fit. I’m a fit guy but that doesn’t mean I will be forever so I have to start practicing good work habits and stop procrastination to be able to do this effectively.

Secondly I want to catch up on my guitar skills. I am a great Guitarist unfortunately its been a while since I actually practiced most of the songs I used to know how to play is now stuck in the inner regions of my mind untapped. To be able to release my old potential in the arts of the guitar I must take advantage of this time to actually play it again. In fact I have my guitar beside me right now.

Third I need to get my Rubik’s skills up. I am very fast when It comes to the Rubik’s cube, unfortunately I need a time of 30 seconds to have a sure win in the Rubik’s elimination. Right now my current record is 1 minute.

Fourth is to catch up with my friends. Its been a while since I’ve seen some of my friends due to school and stuff now that I have time I think its time to make some time and bond with them.

Fifth is to Organize my blog. Honestly looking at my files, man is it so messy I don’t have words for it. I can’t be a professional working in a place like this. Time to do some cleaning with my files.

Sixth is to learn new skills. I am an ambitious guy. It pains me to think of myself in the future not being able to release my full potential. I need to enhance my skills and learn new ones if I want to succeed in this ever changing world. Procrastination is something I won’t take in. I must do something, something that would benefit me in the future.

Last but not the least is to clean my bag. Something that is more unorganized than my files? Its my bag, really I haven’t cleaned that thing out since school started. Trash and spare change all in the bag. So much stuff I can’t even comprehend. Folders full of unorganized papers. Urgh. Time to take out the trash I guess.

Now the only way I’ll be able to do this is if I put my heart in to it. I mustn’t Procrastinate. If I can finish my goals you people can too. Just remember discipline is the key to success.


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