Exams are back and they’re better

Hey Guys! Our country progressed! Well a little bit.

We’re now using automated scanning for our periodical tests. Its something nice but unfortunately there are many drawbacks. Its a machine that scans paper its not impossible for it to jam. Also if we shade wrong the whole thing will just spit our paper out and we won’t get anything back. So yeah. Hooray for our country Sarcasm But still its nice to see that our country is still actually progressing and isn’t stagnant as I thought it is really. As for the exam it still has a long way to go. There are answers which are designated to a letter E but our answer sheet is only up too D and there are sometimes Identification and In English sentence building. We can’t have that with an Answer Sheet with only 4 letters now can we? Ah Philippines you still have a lot to learn.


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