The Fun Starts

Sometimes in life it may be a bit hard at the start, but let me tell you this… It gets easier in the end.

Hello there. Do you know that feeling when you’re not comfortable in a certain group of people but later on find out there fun to be with? Yeah that’s basically the pageant in a nutshell, well, not really, but you get the point. A few weeks ago I had to say I was hesitant to join the UN Pageant but now I have no regrets. It got easier the more I get closer to the end. As this journey goes I’ve met a lot of cool people and there very fun to be with. Now I know that joining this pageant was no mistake. I wouldn’t say I would win this cause judging by my competitors the battle for the top would be fierce. But hey we can’t really tell for sure all I know is that I’m going to do my best and hope that luck is on my side this time around. I aim to win and win I shall.

Besides this pageant I still have another thing to worry about. Our musical play, cause honestly with the UN pageant I’m running out of schedule for the practice of our musical. But hey! I’m me If I try something I’ll make it spectacular to compensate. Wish me luck.


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