Lots of stuff coming up | Review | Practice

What’s up guys! Well the roof I guess… Well plot twist for you I’m outside.
Just kidding I’m inside.

Anyways, hey guys. How are you? Me I’m fine despite constant disappointments… Well that’s life I guess. Today? Well today has been a day full of Pageant related stuff. Today we had our Q&A and I have to say I’m satisfied with the way I delivered my answer.

Tip for you guys: When doing a speech, always remember audience impact will always get you there.

I am just so happy that the guy who trained us in the G/bb Pageant is back and training us again. So basically that’s a hell lot of less work for me due to me already knowing the ropes. We will be dancing a fast-paced production number as the pageant starts so we’re practicing for that. The song we’ll be using is Lalala by Shakira you know the song in the Fifa world cup. Anyways I’m not much of a dancer I’m not that flexible and smooth when it comes to dancing so that’s gonna be something for me.

Also Exams are coming up this Thursday and I’m pretty confident about how I’ll do, well besides Filipino. After that our semester break will be on the 20th. But before that I have another contest to win. Its a Rubik’s contest and I have to fix it within a minute. I haven’t done this for a year so I’m not that confident. In fact my Rubik’s cube is beside me right now.

Other than that I have nothing else to do. Hopefully this won’t be a week as stressful as the last one.

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