Hello, nice to see you again

Hello People. I am Human and you are too.

So today guys, We had the talent portion for the UN Pageant and amazingly I pulled it off.

The guys were better than me though. Most of the guys danced others sang, later someone did a fire dance but wasn’t allowed to light it up and man were we laughing hard, basically she was so mad she couldn’t light it, well for safety reasons, and with that rage she failed it a couple off times and we were saying at the back. “If it was lit she would burn.” Others were thrown up in the air and other stuff like that. But I guess the highlight of my day was walking the the stage. Honestly earlier the odds were on me with all my fans cheering me out and I basically had the loudest cheer. Hopefully that would snowball me to a victory. This one would be harder due to the fact there will only be the top 3 opposed to the 5 places you could get in the G/bb Kalikasan Pageant I just had weeks ago. Tomorrow we will be having the Q & A So wish me luck you guys 🙂

So after going home today I met up with Shion. Man do I miss that guy, he still haven’t changed. We just basically talked and had fun for awhile and yeah it was a fun time seeing as I haven’t seen him for weeks now.


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