Get away from me

I, standing in the corner looked around to find someone looking at me. I looked away from him and moved away.

Hey guys, I have been followed by a homosexual earlier. Started with a glance followed by a hi and me running away. Basically he bumped into me and said hi, later on he started following me. I was at the mall at the time and he was so annoying. He cornered my and asked me questions like what’s your name, who I’m with. The thing is I was alone at the time. I walked away and later he followed asking me to accompany him the the CR. Told him I didn’t know where it was and he asked someone I took this chance to get away but he still followed me. I entered a store and told the guard about it and he didn’t let him enter later he was still there. I had to get away, I had to. I walked out the back door him following I went around the corner of the mall entering in the front and heading out again from the side exit. Later seeing him again I rushed to the bridge heading to the other side going around the church then heading to a fast food chain where I hid for awhile and headed home.

Seriously?!?!?! Am I that Good Looking? To have people not only girls chasing after me? But really. That was a really traumatizing experience. I escaped using bare knowledge and mall juking. Luckily nothing worse happened. I’m never going to a mall alone ever again. Well not really. But I’ll be more cautious next time


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