Scolded | Bonding | UN Quiz Bee Elimination

Hello there people 🙂 My name is Albert and This is my blog. Lol just kidding, lets not go there. Well I’m just kidding with my introduction but yeah I’m Albert and welcome to my blog. Today, today I thought was gonna be a short day but ended up long, way long.

So basically there were a lot of things which happened today. One of the most notable one is being scolded by our English teacher, Ma’am Irene. Mainly I guess due to the fact of miscommunication. But personally I don’t have all the details. Well after the day I did. But seeing as I was not there when it happened I am in no way involved so that’s good for me right? Well not so much. They did say the fault for one is the fault of all see the problem? Well because of what happened our class’ musical play was cancelled. So there goes wasted efforts. Well efforts I guess has not been that much. Well to be quite frank at the very least it opened up new time slots on my life.

Why did she get angry at us you asked? Well you see as far as I know our values teacher received a complaint from one of my classmates that they had so much payments to make at school. After telling the amount we were paying in English our teacher in values misinterpreted it I guess with a value with a zero digit more than the real price. So yeah that really pissed off our English teacher especially after receiving word that she was already being quoted by other teachers so yeah.

Later that day we had bonding with other members of the pageant which were not able to come last week. Same thing we did. Eat, Sing and had fun. Don’t worry I hadn’t got anything to drink. Well my someone keeps drinking out of my glass so I wasn’t able too. Got home way late after that.

Also this day as well we had our elimination for the UN Quiz bee it wasn’t that easy, but it wasn’t hard at the very least. The results will be sent on Monday so wish me luck 🙂

Other than that tomorrow me and an old friend will be watching Annabelle and hey if we push through I might make a movie review of that so keep checking back.


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