So Close Yet So Far

Hello People 🙂 I’d just like to say I nearly had it? You know there are just things in life we don’t expect, yet when moment comes close it happens. A while ago we had our pageant, little did I know I would come close on winning. Luck was just not that much on my side. I did my best, I reached as far as I could but only landed on second, or 1st runner up as others call it.

Still, I never thought I’d even get second. You know that feeling? The feeling of dread, the closer it gets to you, the faster your heart beats. That’s exactly the feeling I had. Even back at the dressing room, looking at what my competitors managed to come up with I was discouraged. I thought to myself, how would I win. Looking at what they have, comparing it with my own. The only thing I thought about on the back of my head was that I still had a fighting chance. I got the votes in the bag and all I need to do is find a way to get to the top 5 to get a chance at the Q&A portion. That was something I new I was good at. Just last week I got the 5th place in Impromptu speaking. Mind you I might be fifth there but I was against people with two years of knowledge against me so that’s still a big feat.

So there I was, heart racing. Thinking, dreading, fearing. Contestants were being called one by one. “Number 18, Number 3, Number 8.” Just when I thought all hope was lost they called out “Number 4” I felt my stomach lurched. It felt like I wanted to puke, yet maybe its just the fact my necktie was so stretched out and my cape’s rope were so tight. Yet that didn’t stop me I moved forward and smiled. Then came the Q&A… Slowly one by one we were being called. I made a few mistakes here and there but I still managed. The others two made some minor mistakes, two even stopping mid sentence. Its probably the fact that he got the formal, ethnic and votes more than me, or it might be the fact that he’s the trainer’s brother, yet whatever it may be he beaten me. “4th runner up! 3rd runner up! 2nd runner up!” They called out. It was only me and him. The next number they were going to call would be the winner they said. My heart racing, I didn’t know what to think. But still I know I’d have achieved something by then, confidence. “Contestant number 3!” They yelled as the crowed jeered while others frowned. It was a fair fight I said to myself. At least I got 2nd. My only regret was that my father failed to come.

I had all the support of my classmates yet little did I feel the support of my dad. He’s the only one I got left and he failed to come. That really hit me a lot. Now matter how many people cheered for me that day, he was the one I tried to find. Yet no where did I managed to see him. Sigh I just hope I’d live my life closer to him, before… Before the one thing we all dread.


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