Emotions… Don’t… please?

Despite having a good week last week things seems to be changing. I don’t know, but I can feel it. Slowly, Its happening, I’m falling. Its not the first time I fell. But I won’t crash the way I did before. I can make it through this. This phase in life. May I have the strength to pick myself up. Its been a while something like this happened. That feeling, that feeling of dread. I just hope I won’t crash too hard. I just hope I’ll be able to compensate before I actually crash.

Anyways Hey guys. How are you? Me? I don’t know. I’ve been having a lot of bad luck lately. School life luckily. I remember 2 years ago. Heck even way back 5 years ago. How I crashed. Felt so depressed thinking this world has nothing left for me to offer. I know now, that we must always look at the silver lining. There will always be that one thing that would be worth what we experience. May it be good or bad. I believe everything happens for a reason. Everything thing will come into place, sometime.

In the past 5 days stuff happened. I got second in the Reading Proficiency. Beaten by a point. Well I guess I won’t be heading to the next round. Math elimination? Fourth place. I could still be there. Well my teacher told me he thought about it, and… He’s gonna replace me. He said to much stuff on my hands. My only problem there is I depend on that for my grade. I don’t know how I’ll be able to compensate that loss. As for the pageant. It has been moved. Luckily.

I might talk to you guys as if I was so calm about all of this. But in reality? The weight is heavy in the chest for me to take in. Sure there will always be a next time, but I guess that’s what makes us human. We can’t have everything what we want. We can control what we feel but only to a certain extent. I guess that’s how I thought myself to smile. How to fake a smile for the sake of others. I guess there’s something deeper that’s going on here than what I’m saying, but I just don’t have the words for it, nor can I describe it.

Life has always been a b****, for me, for you. Its the way we handle us which really defines us. How we hide it, face it, or run away from it. We will all have our time. How we can all find a way to show everyone that we’re stronger than how we look. The scars that stuck by us. Its what help us grow. Its what teaches us to be human. I’ve seen many heartless people, and amazingly, those cold-hearted people are what thought me to love, to care, to not let others feel the way I felt.

May this post inspire you. Inspire you to thrive, and be the best you can be. We may fall, but the reason why we fall is to pick ourselves up. In my 14 years living that’s the most important thing I’ve ever learned. To do so will help us live without regret.

“To live a creative life, we must lose the fear of being wrong”

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