I just cant stop bouncing | Practice, practice, practice | My dog is a nuisance

Its a nice Sunday day and I tried making the most of it. Hopefully I did, Its not like there’s a basis if you did or not. Well, I finished my cape, for the pageant that is. Since recycled is the theme I made cape out of magazine strips. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off. Though its not the cape that I’m worried about really. Its the way I walk, you see whenever I walk there’s always that bounce accompanying it. Its been a habit of mine, but seeing as this is a pageant I have to get rid of it.

Half of my day was basically practicing how to walk properly. Watching a lot of YouTube videos of male model walking and other stuff like that. Its a real hassle. Trying to get rid of an old habit? Not the easiest thing to do now is it? Hopefully I get it right in time for the Pageant. The pageant is really an eye opener for me. Ways, oh lots of many ways I didn’t know I could do to improve myself. It also got me into the habit of high cardiovascular exercises due to the fact I have to walk topless on the first half of the pageant. I’ve been doing some practices on my facial expression as well. Though as far as overall posture goes I’m good. Its just I’m afraid that in the actual pageant I might have a mental blackout and humiliate myself in front of the crowd, or that my Cape might suddenly fail me mid walk. As far as both ticket and online voting goes I’m 7th in both. Out of 13 male candidates I find that weak. Well money is something we can’t really control, especially the ones in the hands of others.

Well practicing isn’t everything I did today. I also went out with my friend to get some coconut for a salad. At his house later I spent an hour I guess? Trying to master the arts of throwing darts directly at the small red circle. I can aim with a bow but annoyingly darts are way harder than archery based on personal experience. Well no one can be good in everything I guess. But still one day I’ll master the art of throwing darts.

The rest of my day went with research and other stuff like that. Just got Photoshop back so Featured images will be filled with something other than a white block.

My dogs, Hagrid and Harley are currently a nuisance. Harley is having her menstruation and I can’t seem to pull those two together without one making the most annoying of noises. Really Its hard to concentrate on what your doing with a dog scratching and whining at a door all the time. *sigh* Well I guess that’s part of having a dog. Something we can’t avoid now can we? Well I guess I can learn to live with it. I can’t seem to notice I keep on saying the word “Guess” today. Well I “Guess” (Lol, see what I did there?) Its just a writing habit. Well that’s easily fixed. Well enough with the writing procrastination now.

Its 11:00pm here in the Philippines, and I’m starting to get tired so…. Only regrets I guess is that we don’t have autumn in our country. Other than that Its fine. The darkness fills the skies and I’m out.


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