G/Bb Kalikasan | A Science Pageant

Hello People 😛

So guys, if you haven’t already know I’m entering a Pageant. Its called the G/Bb Kalikasan 2014-2015 Which means Mr. and Ms. Nature 2014-2015.

Its a nice Pageant, second one I’ve ever joined in fact and the thing I need from you guys now is votes. In terms of the criteria Online Voting is one of them. I really, really want to win. This Pageant opened new doors for me. Anyways I’ve met new friends gained more support and other stuff like that. All I need now is votes. Currently I’m like what 5th or 6th? In the online voting I’ll place the link down below.


All help is greatly Appreciated. If I do win, I’d thank all of you and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that “Hey I made someones day” 😉 It would only take a minute or two off your time.


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