The less fortunate

Hello People 🙂 Have you guys ever felt that frustration when you can’t get something you want, say a phone for example or that new jacket that just came out? Well earlier today I was ranting about the same thing when later a guy knocks in front of my door asking money. Sure I gave him money, but you know the thing that actually hit me? Its when he asked for food. Here food is plentiful and when he asked for some I thought to myself that I ask for lots of things when in reality there are people less fortunate. They don’t have phones, WI-Fi or other stuff like that all they have is themselves and they choose to love themselves by trying to do something. While here we are in front of our computers crying over a better phone. Well you know what? Take the time to go out and help the homeless, There smiles should be enough to make you happy.

So next time your parents say No, remember that there are people who are contented without the things you want. Remember those less fortunate.


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