Computer Break Down | 2nd Quarter | Grades

Hey there guys. The most annoying thing that could ever happen, happened 3 days ago. Our computer thought that it was a good time for it to break. The upside is I got to have a little break from technology and got to catch up on certain things in life. Though I missed on a lot in terms of the net and now I’m gonna catch up on a lot of things. Its all good. It gave me time to work on my school related projects. While I was away from the computer I broke my coin bank, which amazingly had more than thought would be in there.

So its been a week since our tests and amazingly I scored highest in English and Science. Still I’m not sure its enough to propel me in the top 10. One particular subject I was mad about was E.S.P. Which is basically Values/GMRC but in Tagalog. It was really aggravating, that feeling, when your just a point away from passing. Our values teacher came from a lower bracket so he really gave low grades. Heck I was the second highest in our Values exam and astonishingly I only got 22 out of 60 questions. The highest our class got was 24. which when placed in perspective was only 70% Now the thing is our values teacher graded us differently from the way that the Algorithm the Department of Education gave which should’ve been graded in 4 different aspects, Knowledge, Process, Understanding and Product. The exams are divided into those four sections. Now what our teacher did was he graded us on Project, Recitation, Attendance and Periodical Test. Now I didn’t pass my Project in time so I only got 82% For the recitation and Attendance he gave everyone 85% an 86% Regardless of how we actually performed. Then there’s the 70% From the exam so all in all I got 80.75 in values compared to my grades in the other subjects 89.41 in Math 87.75 in English 89 in Technological and Livelihood Education That would really pull my grades hard. Our cards wont be released till next week so I wouldn’t be sure how much that would pull my grades.

My week was quite peaceful without internet but its really good to be back. Our science is slowly being good, but I don’t know how long that would last. Our TLE This quarter is Cosmetology so yeah. I just really wish I have a camera right now.



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