Baptism | Eastwood City Walk

Hey guys just got home from Eastwood. Woke up early today to go to a Baptism ceremony and later we ate at Max’s at Eastwood. Its my first time to commute to get to Eastwood, before I used to take a car with my family to get there. Now that I’ve seen how to get there in terms of jeep first hand It would be easier for me to get there by myself in the future now.

We ate a full course meal at Max’s starting with an appetizer, then some pasta, then came 3 Main Courses and dessert. I am really, really full. Later we went around Eastwood a bit. Walking there I saw the Eastwood Walk of fame and I said to myself. Someday my name will be engraved in the sidewalk as well.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any camera at the moment since the phones broken so I didn’t get any pictures. hopefully someday I’d get something to document with

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