Another Day In Life | Exams | A little odd feeling | 08-07-14

“There are times in a person’s life, where, you feel something, something that is not what you’d expect from yourself. Well everyone has that times.”

Good Evening guys, its a dark night this evening. Looking up in the sky, I can’t see a star at all. How about you guys? Look up and tell me what you see.

That reminded me of a funny thing I read a year ago. It went like this.

“As I lay in bed looking at the stars tonight, watching, counting, I began to wonder… Where’s the roof?”

Yeah, Corny I know. So how was your day guys? Me, well, we had our exams today and I have to say I could’ve done more. Reason being is that even though I had it in me I skipped so much questions without thinking. Well not really, I got so bored and wanted to finish it quick so I read the first line of the question then chose the most logical answer. I’m pretty sure that would give me some mistakes, but then again we all do it, and if we ever tried to actually think we’d probably get a higher score.

The exams we took that day were…

Science; and

And seeing Science in Math there, due to the fact its my favorite subjects I was the first one to complete all three exams, I have to say not all the test question in the exam were we able to tackle. So it all ended up to logical thinking. That I guess Is one of the flaws of the new learning system here in the Philippines, K+12. Yeah… Hate it, I don’t want to spend an extra two years of education, and for what really?

It was a fairly quick day of school, starting at 7:30am and going home at 10. We had a dance practice at the park later that day but, I wanted to do something else, I didn’t really want to get involved. So I went home instead of joining the practice. Later that day I went out to see Shion. Do you know that feeling, the feeling when two of your best friends are having a petty argument and you don’t know who to side with? Its one of the worst feelings ever and all you could do is to stand there in the corner and watch. Pretty frustrating if you ask me.

That time I was supposed to ask Shion to come with me to Robinson’s but due to certain social mistakes which led to awkwardness I decided to go by myself. I spent nearly an hour circling the mall window shopping. At least now I can conceptualize the things I want to buy in the next month.

That was pretty much my day, I know its boring but hey that’s life. Sometimes your up, Sometimes your down.

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