Another day in life | Assignments | Tea101 | Bonding | 08-04-14

Good Evening guys! Its a fairly peaceful evening I might say. Here in my room reading a book by the light stand and now typing this accompanied by acoustic music. How about you guys? How was your night? How was your day? Mine? Well it was nice, let me tell you about it.

The day started off with me waking up. Cliche I know. Well it was an ordinary morning, the sun was up, yet not a lot of sunlight shone through the room. The window on my room is blocked by a wall behind our house. I remember when I was young that wall was never there and that every day when I woke up I was greeted with sunlight flowing through my room, sigh nostalgia. It was a time back then. It took me a fair while to get up. I felt like sleeping the whole day, didn’t want to do anything at all. But after the impact a book gave me I trudged myself and got up. The first thing I managed to do was head out and saw breakfast was already set up. I rarely wake up early and eat breakfast with the rest of my family but since my dad’s Girl Friend was there I did no more, no less, and ate. Turning on the TV to watch super book. After I ate I did a little bit of cleaning and caught up with my reading.

Later when not much is being done in the house i turned to the bedroom and booted up my PC. I grabbed my bag from the other room and started to sort my things out. “Our exams are in a few days and I still have a lot of things to catch up” I thought to myself. Honestly none could argue that my Intelligence was the highest in our class, but I have to admit I may be smart but my classmates beat me when it comes to school work like projects and assignments that’s where I fail. I guess you could say I’m that type of person who can pass anything with flying colours with not that much of study unlike my other classmates who struggle to study very hard but end up failing at some point. But its my self discipline I need to work on, I fail in doing things due to laziness and tend to only focus on stuff I really wanna do. Cause I have a view on life that school, its just a medium for us to base the societies standards on. To tell the truth If I only took the time to study what I need and do my school work I would get the First honour without any efforts at all. That is where I excel at really.
So I Started to do some of my assignments cause I know my capabilities all I need is to retain myself in the Pilot section and nothing more being in the top ten in the class would just be a bonus, cause really the top ten, Its just an illusion I could do more, people like me can do more than those who study a lot but fail in life later on. Heh. Its just an award people get I don’t really need those.
I finished my assignments, well most of it. Well not all is due tomorrow so hey its fine. I know in myself that its wrong and procrastination won’t get me anywhere, but hey, I’m 13 and I make rash decisions.
At around four o’clock I chose to head out. I took a bath, fixed my things, and went to my best friends house. Shion, to be exact. At first we just hanged out at there place and later I invited him to go out, and out we went. I was the one who did the treating this time, since, well, most of the time he is the guy who treats me. But this time I got some spare cash and since he is my best friend and I love him I’m the one who treated him. To be exact I spent more than I should’ve a while ago.
Its fine, at least we had a time to bond. First we went out to grab some siomai. Its a Japanese dish which is meat wrapped in seaweed I think? Seasoned with garlic and chilimansi. Then we check out a couple of books at national book store and then we went out for some milk tea. Tea101, I will say they serve good tea and their service is fair. After which we opt to grab some cadbury dairy milk. Honestly I was just really craving chocolate at that time. regretted it though seeing as the chocolate is not chilled and did more than harm instead of something to calm my nerves down.
Later we had dinner which was basically chicken we bought at a stand outside near the highway.
I went home after which and cooked another set of dinner for me. Which is a Giniling Omelet with saute’d Tomato and garlic marinated with ketchup. I rested for a bit took a warm bath and read a couple chapters. after this I’m heading off sleep. thanks for reading. Good Night, and don’t forget to learn from your experiences.

Hey guys what’s up so I’m reading a new book its called Manage your time, Manage your work and Manage yourself by Merril E. Douglass and Donna N. Douglass. I have to say its a really awesome book and it helped me a lot.
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