Another day in Life | Drills |Quiz Bees | Basketball | 28-07-14

Hey guys Happy Eid’l Fitr or as other people call it, Ramadan. No, I’m not Muslim, In case some of you think I am. Anyways I’m posting this a day after well the date that’s stated on the title, but hey its late is better than never ;).

So I started the day as usual. Breakfast, bath you know the usual daily routine of a guy. After getting dressed and fixing my hair I set off to school, which I have to say was an eventful day. I was late that day and surprisingly they haven’t started the flag ceremony yet. Turns out only those who were late were able to join that day’s flag ceremony since that morning it rained heavily and they can’t not raise the Philippines flag. The flag ceremony went on as usual except for a little number the 7th graders set up for us, since this month was dedicated to nutrition, well we also did the same last week so yeah. Well last week we made a dance number, them, they did a little stage performance. Then a new organization was formed as for Dep-Ed which was Operation Respect. Basically meaning, well, I don’t really remember the whole meaning all I remembered was Respect. which is basically Respect for, Elders, Self, Peers, Environment, Children and Truth. Its a good movement with good motives. I just hope they’re really active since so many times I have been disappointed with Organizations formed in the school promising they’d do this but ends up not doing anything at all. Just all talk at first then disappears a few weeks later. I know this cause I’ve joined nearly all clubs possible in school and only a few actually does something. Well that’s not for me to rant about anyways.

So later on that day we had an earthquake drill which was if ever there was a real earthquake then three-fourth of my classmates would be dead. Basically I was the first one to get the move on so I was in the lead. I slowed down for a bit, noticing I can’t see any of my classmates I pulled out my notebook and wrote our section name and held it over head. Luckily I managed to round up a few of them, luckily shouldn’t be the term, well, we were 14 and our class was 41 so yeah. When the teacher monitoring went to us to do a head count we had to declare 27 of them as casualties. Later we found them scattered. It wasn’t the best time for our section but hey its just a drill.

On science that day the ranking of the students who will be trained for the quiz bee was pulled up and amazingly I had the highest score of our whole grade who took the qualifying test, hopefully this year I’ll redeem myself in science since last year my classmate beat me to it for best in science. Which should’ve been mine since I was technically the best in science. Nothing else really happened that day. We took a test in music and stuff but other than that it was the same boring day. Later at our review for the math quiz bee I had the second highest score in the test only to be beaten by a point.

I noticed that it was still a lil early so I went to the school of my best friend Shion and Kath and met up with them. Hopefully seeing a glimpse of a girl I had a crush on, well, for the past few weeks I’m really down when it comes to love, and there’s that me feeling like I don’t want to love anymore.

Those who knows me know that I’m that hopelessly romantic guy, but, at the moment, I don’t feel like wanting to love anymore. I don’t know, but, hey that’s life and we just have to keep trudging forward. So later on we went to play basketball. Well for me,learn basketball. I don’t really know how to play basketball, shoot, to be exact. Luckily that day my classmate went on the same court with us and thought me how to play basketball. From the guy who couldn’t shoot a single hoop turned into a guy who could shoot, well, at least be able to shoot some. I’m not weak, my real problem is I’m to strong and I always overthrow the ball, so, yeah. The only real reason why I wanted to learn how to play basketball is since the Ideal guy of my crush is a basketball player and being me I want to be that guy. But still that did teach me to push me to learn something new, well, not really new, but something I don’t know how to do. So I’m happy with that.

That’s basically how my day went. It was so exhausting, but it was fun and I learned something new so its all good 🙂

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