6 Brutal Truths About Getting Older

I wanna get older. Just not that old. Probably grow til I’m 30 then live forever if I could :3

Thought Catalog


So, I’m getting old. That’s pretty cool, I guess. No, no it isn’t!  Here are 6 Reasons why getting older is a real bitch. Don’t blow this off if you feel like you’re young and vibrant. NO ONE IS SAFE! Consider this your warning.

1. Strange Hair Growth

This is more of a hair invasion than it is growth. It literally invades the entire body. It just shows up in your ear like, “no we just grow here now; deal with it.” The “bonus” hair growth results into extra sweatiness, which in turn ripples into perpetual grossness. Hell, I’m sweating right now just writing. So, ladies, if you’re into the balding bear look; I’m here waiting.

2. Metabolism

Your metabolism just sort of decides it doesn’t want to work as hard anymore. You might say it’s very “me-like.” This sort of happens out of nowhere. Your youthful physique dissipates…

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