A trip to the province | Broken Phone | Laziness

Hey guys. Al here and I’m happy to see stats going up. Anyways I won’t be able to post actual pictures from where I go at the moment due to the fact that my phone is broken. Its been past a week since it broke basically you know the pins which you insert the phone charger in? Basically the charger overheated and deformed the Pins which disables me the power to charge it. Yes I have the power! Well not anymore. So I won’t be able to post any more pictures which is my own so I’ll just use free pictures and edit em a bit and use those instead.

So yesterday we went to the province since it was my grandmother’s brother’s wife’s birthday yesterday and I learned a great lot from my family history. Like the fact that we’re very, very good at singing and that we are the type of people who can live a really, really long time over 95 years of age I guess. Also the singer Grace Alade was there which was nice. Unfortunately she wasn’t feeling that well so he didn’t sing that many of songs. We went home at around midnight my only regret was that I wasn’t able to take any pictures.

So today I didn’t go to school my Alibi was that my head was aching which was a lie. Kids don’t do that okay? So anyways the reason why I did that was since there was a lot of things I had to finish and stuff and also since I had a lot of things to do tech related and I want my Sunday back so yeah. I’m here at home while my classmates are at school. Its currently their lunchtime so I wonder what they’re doing.

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