Hospital Equality for the Poor

Hey guys. Its been a while since I posted anything. Reason would be I’d rather not post than have aweful content. So I was listening to the radio and A news headline came up. The hosts talked about a guy who didn’t receive medical attention due to him being poor.

So yesterday (depending on the day I’m gonna post this) July 5 in the Mandaluyong City Hospital. A guy was rushed having his head got shot astray. Now the people who brought him was really poor which in turn the doctors did no effort to even try to save the man. They didn’t even try to do an MRI test to locate the bullet. Now the thing is the doctor said they’re just waiting for the patient to pass. But you know what? The patient was rushed at 9:30pm and was not yet in the most serious case there was still high chances for him surviving if treated. But no they left him in the corridor for an hour and when the doctors checked up on him they didn’t really do anything all they did were confirming that there is a bullet in the head. If they were not willing the least they could do was rush him in a different hospital. So due to the lack of support from the hospital he died the following day at 1:30am July 6, 2014.

Seriously. Poverty should not be hindrance to at least try to fight for life. This is what I hate about it there is no justice, no equality when it comes to the poor. Everyone deserves to be treated as equal.


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