5 Ways To Be Awesomely Single

Me being single shares this to you single lads

Thought Catalog

Easy AEasy A

With my wedding less than five months out, I’ve spent some time (a few really hot showers and some really long boring car rides when it wasn’t my turn to control the music anymore) reminiscing on my single years. They were fun, they were awesome, and the last few were the best. I found that sweet spot where I discovered I actually kind of liked myself, figured out the shit I didn’t really like, and decided that I was totally cool on my own.

Seriously though… I was the coolest.

 It wasn’t too terribly long, however, before my fiancé stepped in and said ‘hey, you’re awesome, I’m awesome, what do you think about being awesome together?’ Okay, he didn’t really say that, but that’s what his eyes were saying to me from across the crowded house party. I refuse to admit alcohol consumption may have played a part…

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