Encoding | Almost got ran over | Pranks

Hello People. Its a nice day I’m gonna tell you something later but for now I nearly stared death in the face. It was a really long day at school and a little mistake goes a long a way. I learned that the hard way. Nothing too Traumatic though. But before that lets start with my day



So basically my day went on as usual. Had a test in Math, Values and Filipino today. All went well. We did some Geometric Motifs today in art and today we got our school supplies. I must admit I really don’t know how to color. I know how when it comes to digital art. My drawing was good but the color threw it off A lot.


Not really much happened this day but the thing I really enjoyed was dismissal.
Now after we were dismissed from class I went directly to the E-Room to Encode the BMI of the 8th Grade which took a hell lot of work because of the lack of intuition of the students in the lower section. It would’ve been easy if they cooperated. All the data were messed up. My main concern was the formulas in excel were just off. It took over an hour to correct. Now after that’s done this happened some sections passed their master list with their name not alphabetical. Also that the Height was set in feet instead of cm so I had to convert like what a couple hundred people’s heights and also the birthday was stated to be written in yy/mm/dd format but instead they gave the months. I tried to recode the excel to make it accept that but it just didn’t work out. so I had to manually look over the month to month number formula on my right.

Overall it was fun since me and 3 of my classmates were on it together. We were able to get some work done but we still have a lot to do before Thursday.


Almost got ran over


Now when we were heading home, me and my friend Jammil were talking then later he told me to go across the street to buy something to eat. The moment I turned my back against him and took a step I got hit by a motorcycle. Luckily it was just the handle but man did it hurt. Probably A second later I would have been hit by the full impact. Luckily I just got a sprained arm and nothing else. I guess there’s just sometimes when your in the heat of talking you forget to mind your surroundings. Then again like the blogs tagline Learning through experiences.



Now insult to injury my friend got an idea in my awkward accident and told me not to go online as he was gonna prank our classmates. The prank worked til our adviser stepped in so I had to tell on him. No hard feelings though.


More or less this day was average. Well on my standards. Anyways hope you guys had a fun read and don’t forget

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