Lucid Dreaming | Church | Party

Hey guys. Today was a really, really long day. I’m just literally exhausted the moment I’m writing this post. Basically my day started with a dream, a long afternoon in two churches then bonding with my best friends late afternoon. Then a children’s Birthday party that evening.

Lucid Dreaming

So guys here is how my day started. Basically I could say it started with a dream. Its not an ordinary dream which is why I’m reaching to you. Basically I was finally able to Dream Lucidly at will. The dream is still so Vivid in my mind like it happened in real life. The dream went like this…
It was a sunny day I was doing some projects on my computer when suddenly war erupted. Guns blazing. I myself listening to my guts took refuge on a shelter. Later I was picked up by a squad of Ops and was taken hostage along with other refugees. I made friends with a foreign soldier and he gave me water. I took into account everything that was happening and I found a way to get pass the guards. The only way to exit the city was through a tunnel. I found that soldier I befriended and he accompanied me in leaving the apocalyptic driven city. On our way with the convoy I heard a something high pitched coming from the top I realized what it was and turned back jumped and run as fast as I could yelling “It’s a bomb” in a blink of an eye there was a bright flash and a roaring noise behind me I got away from the bomb. Then I woke up on my dream but I was still dreaming. Dream-ception. Then I went to my computer and woke up for real.

So yeah. That was my fun lucid dream guys. Hope you enjoyed reading that.

If you don’t know how to lucid dream here’s how. Basically you just have to lie comfortably and not move a muscle for 10 minutes til you drift to sleep. It might be hard at first having small twitches here and there and waking up in the middle of the night but its all good since its worth it.


So I woke up around 7 Then I remembered my friend wanted me to accompany her to their church over at Sta. Lucia. It was still early and I enjoyed my dream so I took a nap til 8:30 then she texted me about it. I told her to come by over at my place at around 9 I was worried she got lost at first til she rang at around 10. So I quickly got dressed and then we headed of to church. But before that Last night I wrote my dad a card for father’s day and gave it to him I believe I made him cry but I’m not that sure. Later at church. There I got to meet her Ex and she also gave me names of some girls. (^,^\) After the service was done since we were near Lifehomes I Invited her to my old church Tabernacle of Faith International. (TFI) Then after the service there I couldn’t believe how much the people there missed me. I mean really they all went to me and greeted me back, asked if I were going to say and all that. Because of that I feel like coming back to attend if I have the time.

That afternoon was truly great. I had reunited with my old church and old friends.
Only thing left was Iver’s (Shion’s younger brother’s) Birthday Party.


Later that day at around 5 I went by Shion’s place and their we waited till 6:15 then we went to Hypermarket where we met up with Kath. There we went to Iver’s Birthday together.

The party was a bit late but still it was all good. We got two servings of fries each due to cunning thinking and outwitting the waiters. Also I met up with old friends. It was a fun day there were games and such. It was a bit unfair though the girls cheated twice.

Its not something to worry about I guess but still cheating is cheating. We had a blast that evening I ate so much and to be quite frank wanted more. I accidentally dropped my cake twice which officially marks me unlucky with cake. Though Ironically early at that party when I first grabbed cake there was a rumble in the middle with the hosts throwing free stuff I was surprised the cake didn’t fall. But alas luck wasn’t on my side anymore after.

The day ended well with lots of fun still embarked in me. I’d talk about these more in depth if I wasn’t tired. I really need sleep right now



Final Remarks

Overall it was an amazing day which I should be talking more about if I wasn’t tired but needless to say I am so this is all I could do really. Sorry guys.

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