English Essay – The Environment

The Environment
To be passed to Ma’am Irene Cruz
Albert Jarod Ibay

Everyplace we go. Every Path we follow. Looking around and all we see around us. Something, something that in a way both complex and simple. Everything around us all serve a part in our world. One might say its part of us but in a way it is. Basically everything we see around us. Feel, Sense in a way. Our environment. To the smallest of things. From physicality to Abstract and non-concrete things. The thing that subconsciously tells our brain something. It in a way can be Influential, Beautiful, Oriental, Inspirational. It can also be something bad, awful, something that brings disgust and indulges our minds to something unethical. The environment is basically everything around us. From the trees, plants, structures, animals and people around us. Its basically a chain of things that keeps life going.

Our modern society has developed in a way where… You could say the environment is not so great anymore. Though there are places where you could find it divine. Like lets say Pink Hiller lakes in Western Australia, the Glass worm cave in New Zealand, Santorini Greece or the red beach in China. Though you could say that is more on the beautiful aspects in our world. Yet we also tend to forget the smallest things in the environment. Not appreciating it in a way where we could find peace in it. The simple trees around us, the plants, animals, heck even insects we take for granted. There are things in life. Positive things in our environment we forget to embrace. All we see are those unethical things. Influencing our minds to bad things. Looking around the corners in the streets of the settlement of Rosario, Maybunga, Sta. Lucia. There are just times when we ask ourselves is this the world we live in? Seeing our environment now is just discouraging, disgusting, depressing. Looking at the streets, people smoking, children salvaging useful things in the trash. Is this what our environment has come to be?

I myself a middle-class resident here in Pasig. Looking at the place we have now. Looking at the things, people, living around us. Makes me feel lucky. Though feeling pity on what has become of our world. wondering what we could do to change it. Bring back the beauty it once was. Everywhere around right now is full of people bringing bad influences, Omens. Its unnerving to see the children of the next generation growing in a place like this. What has become of our environment? Where did we go wrong? Why Is this happening? What can we do to bring change? This is the many things I question about the life we live in at our current state.

Still lets not focus on the bad aspects on life. Take a sip of tea and just sit down. Look at trees, the plants everything around us and try to appreciate what we have. At least we still have something going on for us. Lets just do something. Little by little to help our cause and live in a new and better generation. A new environment.


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