Sports Fest | Youth Fest Pageant

Hey guys. Sorry but there won’t be Sunday Break this week. But the good news is I have better content for you this week. There was a sports fest yesterday held by the Rosario Parish Church. Following in the proceedings was a youth fest pageant for the year 2014-2015 which I joined. It was a really tiring day. The moment I got home took a nap woke up and its 1:02Am Here in the Philippines. Which is fine as long as I’m able to update my blog which is all good.

Sports Fest

My day started waking up at around 6. I took a Jeep to St. Joseph Sportsfest-03

where I met up with Apol and two of her friends. We waited for around 10 minutes for Rica then we headed off to Bridgestone which was at the end of St. Joseph.


Me being me had high expectations for the choice of arena and also since it was called Bridgestone I thought that it would be fancier. But when we arrived it was just a large court. Luckily it at the very least met our needs when it comes to an area.

Sportsfest-02 Sportsfest-01

The teams were simple. Those of the same Settlement are in the same team. The Settlement of San Lorenzo had so many members including me so I opted to join the Settlement of St. Joseph since they were missing 1 member and also since my friends were there.

Some time later me and Hari went back to St. Joseph to meet up with his friend Kimberly who was… Meh… Was a little bit over the top when it comes to being a girl. She also was a little green which added insult to injury. So yeah all is good.

The first Event was Flag Making. Ours was a number 7 with lots of hand prints. So The Settlement of St. Joseph didn’t get the award for best flag. Then the next event was focused more on team building. There are 5 Stations each of the stations has its own game. We did our best and got a score of 210 which Is good but not good enough. Still we got third place.

After that we had Lunch which was pretty Hilarious. Me and my friends chipped in bought some canned Viand at a Sari-Sari Store bought some rice and just all went for it.

 Youth Fest Pageant

After that was the exhibition games. Basketball and Volleyball. I wanted to play basketball but I opted for the pageant instead. It has always been my life’s dream to join Pageants in case you guys don’t know yet. The costume theme was Eco-Wear and we were given Newspaper to make clothes with. Now we could also use anything we could find around us so my costume was a Leaf Bracers, Leaf Anklets, Tribal Leaf Headband. Newspaper strapped around my belt with leaves and a strap of newspaper around my back. Well you get the picture. It wasn’t the best I’ve seen. Its a bit tribal but it was enough to win me best in Eco-Wear.

I’d have to say getting my costume done was an extreme hassle. It literally broke so many times

Basically I’m the best when it comes to the question and answer portion. Winning me Mr Youth Fest 2014-2015 and Mr Sports Fest 2014-2015. Giving name to the settlement of San Lorenzo. San Lorenzo also won the best flag award so everything is great.


 Final Remarks

Overall it was a very nice day. Made new friends. Extend existing ones and of course had lots of fun. I Joined my first Pageant and won it So its one of the best days I’ve ever had. Primarily since one of my life goals are complete I could check it off my list

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