Recess – Geography Mistakes | Loopword Puzzles?

Hey guys Al here and I’ll be adding a new segment on my blog. Basically its Recess and I’m gonna talk about some serious or hilarious stuff that happened in school. 🙂 This won’t be scheduled at all and will come only when something happens.

Do you guys have the feeling that your so smart that you forget the basic foundations of what we’re doing? Well I guess that’s what happened to my classmates.

A while ago in Asian History (Social Studies) We were asked to name the 7 Continents which is Asia, Europe, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, North And South America. Simple right? Well it seems to have gone pass the minds of my classmates. So we were told to write a name of a continent one by one on the board till all the seven ones are up. Now mind you we are in the highest section. Starting from the last row here are some of what got written on the board.

Antarctica became Antartica. Fair enough its an easy mistake. But hear this.
Australia became Austrilia. I was like (O.o)
That was really, really hilarious. Also somebody felt the need to write Indo. Indo? We’re talking about the continents. I guess he mistook it for a country since our subject is Asian History which is self explained as the study of Asia. But Indo?

Also we were also asked to write down the different lines on the world map. Longitude, Latitude, Prime meridian, tropic of cancer, IDL and as such. But somehow the Equator got written as Ecuador. I was like isn’t Ecuador a country?

The mistakes were corrected so its all good. But coming from the top section its a bit shocking.

Something came up on our Music subject. Our music teacher came up with a game for the class. A game? That’s nice you say. But the thing is the name of the game is unethical really. It was called a Loopword Puzzle. Loopword? Its not even in the dictionary. She said it was Crossword but instead of crossing things out you loop em’ I’ve done my research and there is really no such thing. Its just. Urgh. It boggles the mind to learn something which is not really real. Sigh No, no I’m not gonna rant about it. Still though. Think about it for a moment

Final Remarks

I guess this things happen in High School. We just forget about the basics. I’m not saying its bad. But its technically unethical and should be talked about. As far as the teachers making new things up I won’t recommend it at all. Tell me what you guys think down in the comments.

Hope you guys like the new Section.
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