Last Wednesday | School is so Tiring

Hey guys Al Here and today I’m gonna talk about two things. The things that happened last Wednesday night a continuation of my post last Wednesday, and how school is so exhausting.

So last Wednesday night was my Best Friend’s Birthday (Shion) So we went to Metro Walk Platinum to celebrate his 14th birthday. Its a place for Karaoke. We were supposed to surprise him and pretend Kath will not be able to come for his birthday. When we went to his place Kath hid in an alley somewhere and I went to his house. To my surprise he wasn’t there. He went to the mall with his mom where they bought him a new phone (Lenovo K900) He could’ve gotten a better phone for $245 But it was his choice so what the heck. So we waited for his parents for like 2 hours at their place and we headed to Metro Walk at around 9pm.

We Started to sing Karaoke at around 9 Singing Various songs and Eating Various Foods.

1401955740 Metro Walk Platinum-06 Metro Walk Platinum-05

Metro Walk Platinum-02 Metro Walk Platinum-01 Metro Walk Platinum-04


And it lasted till 12:40 in the midnight. Going home was something I really dreaded at the moment but I chose to enjoy myself just for that night and luckily Shion’s mom agreed to talk to my father and I didn’t get into any trouble that day. It was a very, very happy day that was. Unfortunately for me I have classes the next day so I accidentally slept over my Science session. which was so unethical since that is my Main Subject besides English and I need to do my best on that said subject.

It was worth it though I say.


School is So Tiring

Its been a very tough first week at school. Trying to grasp the old strength I had to keep going at it at school. I managed to excel in English, Arts and Technology and Livelihood education. I’m doing my best at Filipino but its still excruciatingly hard. Which is an understatement for me. Filipino is my Nationality but I’d say English is my main Language. Its just more of a personal more preference I guess.

The reason why I say School is tiring is that after every class its like you just wanna fall asleep and never wake up. Heck yesterday (Friday) After School I slept at 3pm and woke up 7am the next day. If I didn’t had anything to do then I might still be asleep. Also we’re in the sixth floor and it sucks walking up six floors. Its the worst experience ever. Say you come to school fresh. Once you reach the sixth floor the next thing you know is that your haggard and all sweaty. I wouldn’t recommend going down to the canteen anymore which is at the lobby due to the long walk. Heck going to get water is also tedious so you better bring a gallon or you want to walk a hell lot.

Final Remarks

School might be tiring and all that. I must do my best to prove to others that I am the best in our school and no one else. I must be fierce and not give in to Procrastination or any of that. I must not give in to laziness and stay consistent and Persistent.

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