Wednesday Topics – Plans | Best Friends Birthday

Hey guys! Its wednesday and its time for me to tell you guys the plan I’ve been talking about last Sunday. To tell you the truth I’m not that sure its plausible so umm yeah. There’s a 50 percent chance I’m not gonna be able to do it.

The original plan was that I’m gonna try to skip high School. Only problem is the new K+12 Educational System Here in the Philippines. So Its required for us to take tests for us to be able to get our Certificate of Completion and the National Certificate which Is what we need to finish High School and actually get a temporary job. If I skip HS I won’t get my NC-2. I still haven’t talked about it with our guidance councelor so I’m not quite sure. Its quite a busy first week. So much work to do. The moment I’m writing this is in a Taxi. I’m heading to Shion’s house from the Mall since its he’s B-Day and he’s parents invited me and my Best Friend to come with them at Metro Walk for a little Videoke. Which would probably be until Midnight. Which is quite concerning since I have school tomorrrow and need to get some work done.. sigh Well I do want to spend time with him. But I’m not sure if I want to sacrifice my studies either. Well he is my Best Friend so YOLO.

Urgh I’m starting to get car sick again.
I’ll update you guys again later.

He’s still not here. Waiting. And to think we were in a rush.

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