My Apologies | Back to School

My Apologies

Hey guys. I’m back… Its been a week since I was gone I literally had no time to update my blog anymore in the past week due to the heavy amount of work I was doing. From my day job to the practices at church. I was practically beat every time I get home. Instantly falling asleep I just didn’t have time. I’m really really sorry that I wasn’t able to tell you guys what was going on. But if you read my old posts you’d probably already had an idea how hectic my schedule for the week was and how I literally faltered in keeping up with my commitments. I tried really hard to keep up with all the things going on but I over extended my self. I hope you guys understand.


Here’s a picture of me and my partner
At the Grand Paalay.
Grand Paalay

Its been a hell while since I’ve Made my hair that formal.
You have to admit my partner looks like a mannequin.

Back to School

So here in the Philippines our summer ends at June. For most public schools like the one I’m in, School starts tomorrow on June 2. Ironically I thought my schedule would be free. The thing is it won’t due to school and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have piles of work to do. Hopefully I’d still be able to keep up with my blog. Constantly updating you with what’s happening in my life. That’s the plan at the very least. The difference with this year and last year is that I have a goal to achieve and an ambition to conquer. Something I’d be discussing on Wednesday if my schedule doesn’t falter. Hopefully. But I believe with my goals fueling my ambition I’d be able to conjure up enough strength and motivation to keep my spirits rising. Heck I already started studying days ago for a head start on school. Again I don’t want to be going much on detail about my plans since I want to save that for Wednesday Topics.

Days ago I went back to school for the orientation and for the sectioning to see who my classmates will be. Thank god I’m still in the pilot section after me failing to keep up last year due to laziness and lack of consistency which cost me a bit of my grade. But luckily it didn’t pull me down that much.

I actually forgot to buy notebooks so I grabbed old notebooks scrapped it and made new ones.


Luckily I didn’t bleed from stabbing myself with the needle. Since honestly I’ve poked myself dozens of times trying to get those needles in. Luckily I still have a spare pen and that’s practically what I’d need for the first day anyways. I mean its the first day its probably just an orientation and introduction to teachers and classes. So its not gonna be a hectic day.

My main goal for tomorrow is to approach the guidance counselor and ask her the requirements for me to skip grades. I’d tell you why on Wednesday again.

Its getting late I still have to wake up at 5am so I’ll leave it here guys.

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