Another Day – An Awkward Talk

Hello Guys. Today was hmm meh it was great but not too great like Wow This day was Great! Though it did have its moments where it was Divine. Well lets get into the highlights for my day.

I woke up at around 11:00am. Was about to get ready for work but then my Grandmother told me that we we’re going out to the Marikina Market place to buy a new pair of shoes for the Grand Offering which is a 1 to 2 kilometer walk around our area ended by a performance by the church, in which I will be dancing in.
The drive took a hefty amount of time around an hour and a half I think due to annoying traffic also the fact that its 9km away. So pretty much I got a new pair of Leather shoes and a new bag. Also got the zipper of an old pair of pants. Also I nearly got food poisoning from a Food cart selling spaghetti. That was fun :/ Well Its fine as long as nothing bad happened to me. That was pretty much my day in the market. What really did my day in was my time at our practice at church. Well before that I did one match in DotA which was a fine game I played as SF Which I practically owned late game. Sniper was just so annoying for going mid which delayed my ganks since we’re both mid. Which ended me doing a failed gank but in the end I owned bot lane farmed and ganked more and practically owned.

After the game I hurried up and grabbed my favorite polo just for the style and hopefully she’d notice me. Jia… Jia’s her name… After I went to church she wasn’t there but she came… An hour late though… Still at least she came. She was one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. She was an inch smaller than me I guess she had long hair and her sense of style and Lifestyle choices are just. Urgh its just so cute and awesome. I’ve literally fallen in love with her. Unfortunately she is sooooo Conservative. Its just hard to introduce my self to her cause first yeah like I said she’s so conservative. Second she’s always surrounded by her friends I just couldn’t get near her. Though at one point later that day I befriended this guy and he practically became my wing man He gave me that extra push of confidence to talk to her. He’s a great guy. Harry. We talked about how she was so conservative and he helped me push through really. Later that day when we we’re about to go home we went out and bought a bottle of water since we practiced a dance. Which was really tedious so I took the chance when she was going home and offered it to her. She was so cute and so shy it was so awkward she refused at first and accepted after a little nudge here and there. She gave of the most cutest most Divine smile anyone has ever gave. I was flabbergasted It was so beautiful.

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