Wednesday Topics – Lets talk about girls

Hey guys. Albert here and uhmm I fell in love again. yeah. Damn it. Its been a while since i last fell for someone half a year I guess? Anyways I really don’t know what happened. I felt like I wasn’t gonna fall in love with someone ever again and then guess what I did. Really Its so unexpected I even told myself I wasn’t gonna fall in love ever again but I did. It really took like a couple days before I’ve admitted to myself that I have fallen In love since I’m like. “No No No No No No This is not happening” But it did. Which sucked.

Being myself there really isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to get the girl I love the only difference this time I have no Clue who she is or what she is. Just kidding. But seriously though I’ve never loved someone I don’t know anything about. Or at least have someone else to connect me to her. But no I don’t know her or any of her friends. I’m really really stuck to the point where I just don’t know how to get to her. I’ve practically lost all sense of what love is. I still do have knowledge of the psychology of love and know how to make her fall without making direct movement but still she is Either Shy, Conservative or just have High standards I don’t know. I mean I literally made a whole room of girls fall in love with me with a sway of movement but her no. She is just a little too confusing for me. I try to talk to her but she’s always with her friends I just can’t get near her!

I just want to have small talk and buy her some drinks but can’t cause her friends are always around. Heck I can’t even get near her. It would be awkward if I treated her and only her with her friends around seeing that I’m a complete stranger to her. I just don’t know what to do. Urgh. To all the girls out there I need advice. Advice on how to catch you off guard and how to talk to and start an actual conversation with your friends around. I just don’t know what to think.

Girls all over the world what is in your minds when seeing a hot guy like me.


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