Inner Thoughts – Can’t get you out of my mind

I don’t know. Urgh… There is just this unbearable feeling inside of me there’s lots of different positive and negative emotions building up and it just feels like its gonna blow. Your face weighs down my mind even more I’m having a headache. I can’t stop thinking of you I’ve tried a thousand times yet nothing is more alive in my mind than you. Your name, voice and smell lingers in my mind I just don’t know. I’m facing my computer restless don’t know what to do all these thoughts building up. I decided I’d better write down at most appropriate in my blog at the least to lessen the aching mind I hold. I know its not for me. Her. Well we don’t really know do we? We’re still young and a lot of things are still yet to happen. So I can’t really say that can I?

Well I love her that is as much as I know. I would catch bullets for her. Take the every blame for her. I want to be that guy who never gave up on her. In the future that’s when life will show what it has prepared for us. maybe not even then. I will never stop loving her as long as her heart is beating. Never will I find another. I’m a martyr that’s for sure I would always do my best to show you I can do many things. I can prove to be more capable than him.


Who I am to say these things. though. Yeah. Still…..


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