Wednesday Topics – The Facts about Fevers

Fever something that is used to be misunderstood. Read on for some facts about it.

Hello there. As you guys may have known I have had fever for the past four days. Now in those past days I’ve done nothing more than complete utter research on how to get rid of this nasty fever. Now a fever is not really a sickness, but its actually a rise on the body temperature to get rid of an infection. Think of it this way, when your cooking meat what’s one of the biggest concerns? well its getting rid of the bacteria. And how do you get rid of the bacteria? Well that’s by heating up the meat. Same goes for the body. When the body suspects an infection coming it raises its temperature to make sure that the bacteria wont spread or grow. But the side effect would be extreme tiredness and fatigue, sometimes body pain as well. Now many people would want to get rid of a fever but sometimes its best to let it be for it to kill a possible infection. But there are times when we just got to get rid of it cause lets face it we can’t just lay pathetically in bed for 1-7 days knowing that the possible infection won’t even be something that is lethal. So what are we gonna do about it?

Well as opposed to what our grandparents or parents used to say we shouldn’t really wear layers of clothing nor should we go under a blanket. Even though we might feel cold the core temperature of the body won’t drop if we’re being kept in a warm environment. Instead we should practically cool off and remove clothing.

When taking a bath don’t ever use cold water or the drastic change in temperature would make things worse. Instead take a lukewarm bath or if your having a hard time take a cloth dip it in some water and wash your body with that.

There is usually medicine for fevers like ibuprofen which will reduce the fever or if your over 18 you could take aspirin. One could also try herbal medicine.

As opposed to the old don’t eat cold food rule our parents told us it actually helps to suck on some Popsicle stick to lessen the fever.

Some people say that fever would cause brain damage I don’t know where they get that but it isn’t true.

Last but not the least drink lots of water and pee it off. Cause really dehydration is also a problem when one has a fever accompany it by peeing all the bacteria off and you’ll be fine.


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