Monday Literature – A new morning

Hey guys! I know its not Monday anymore and I’m really sorry I was just so busy and didn’t really manage to remember. But since its still monday in other countries for like 5 hours more and since I respect my reading audience and to enhance self disipline, I’d say what the heck.

The amber sunrise fills my view.
As I sit here thinking constantly wondering.
If my heart would ever open up to someone new.

The morning coffee and the smell of grass.
Things I usually take for granted but can’t surpass.
They content me subconsiously as I try.
To find myself in this relentless world.

You? Me? Him?
There’s always questions to be asked.
yet all I know is this.

For as long as my heart’s in place.
And that I may find emphaty in its grace.
For the implications my mind implicates.
The wisdom which surrounds me compensates.

My heart, my mind.
So many things to complicate.
Who should I follow must I ask?
Yet the truth… Its all me in the end.

As I slowly sip my coffee.
Listening to the melody.
Of the birds in the trees or the barking of dogs.
I start my day with questions to be answered.

Yet no. I musn’t. I must live my day free of burden.
Which my mind place and makes my heart race.
I must calm down for its a new day.
And I am to live another day.

Without worries? I don’t know.
But to live it full is a miracle.
For I have been gifted with another day.

Sorry if I made this a bit sloppy. I’m on the phone and this is just on the spot to mpeate forgetting about monday literature hope you like it. 🙂


 Credits to Tama Leaver on Flickr for Featured Image.

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