Sunday Break – 5 types of people in public transits that just pisses me off

Hey guys. So hear this, a while ago I was using the public transit when there was this guy just opposite to me and he was just staring at me. I mean really. Which is I guess why I’m gonna share to you some types of people your bound to hate when using the public transit. Here’s 5 type of people I hate when on the public transit.

First is the usual can I read what your texting type or what phone model are you using type. I mean really this is why I hate putting my phone out when using the public transit. The guy next to you just like stares at what your doing with your phone. Its like he has something mischievous in him mind. This thing just really throws me off and makes an awkward atmosphere which ends up with me fake texting my friend. “Hey should we continue with the plan, the guy next to me is ready to be assassinated.” Just kidding… But seriously I just wanna do that the next time some guy stares at me when I’m on the phone

Second is the guy that just stares at you. I know that my beauty is incomparable but seriously don’t stare. Well not too much. 😉 But really who knows? The person staring at you might be a serial killer for all you know this type of thinking really makes me paranoid.

Third are those who hogs all the space. you know those times when the bus, train, car or whatever is full and there really isn’t any space and your like very tall and there’s always someone hogging all the space. I believe this has happened to lots of people. I know that rush hour is really a time when people just has to hurry up but really this isn’t gonna help. These inconsiderate people just annoys me.

Fourth is those really noisy groups of people. Can’t the conversation wait? still who am I to judge I admit I am one of these people. Which is quite Ironical when you think about it. But still it isn’t much of a bother when there’s barely anyone with you in the vehicle but when its full take the time to wait.

Fifth is those people who just won’t let you get through or exit. I’ve actually had this happen to me three times in my life I believe. There are just some times when people are to ignorant to let you pass.


So guys what type of people do you hate when your in the public transit or using the tube comment it down below to let me know what you guys think.


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3 thoughts on “Sunday Break – 5 types of people in public transits that just pisses me off

  1. This doesn’t relate to your post at all but I just wanted to say that I accidentally unfollowed you…but I refollowed, just wanted to tell you in case you got an email or something


  2. This is more about communication. Hope you don’t mind. It is related to what you said you’d jokingly post the next time someone tries to read what you’re texting.

    Your cell phone rings. Caller unknown. To mess with them, answer like this in a hushed voice: “The deed is done. But there’s blood all over the place.” Enjoyed your post. 😆


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