Sunday Break – Best of the web: Who to Subscribe

Hey guys! Its Sunday today and if you haven’t been following me on twitter you better be @AlbertIbay … Anyways every Sunday we’re gonna take a break and have something to think about or look at and this week we’re going to go over who’s channels are worth subscribing at youtube

Please note that this is completely random and is not a top 10 thing.


1.)Zoella and Zoellavlogs – If you haven’t already go on and subscribe her channel she’s the reason and inspiration along with a couple other Youtuber’s I’d be posting in this weeks Best of the web on why I even started a Blog in the first place.

2.)PointlessBlogger – Headed by Alfie. Zoey’s boyfriend and also has a gaming channel Alfiegames. He has great content to keep you watching for hours.

3.) TatcherJoe – Zoella’s Brother

4)Jim Chapman

5.)MirandaSings – Miranda sings Colleen Baringer’s Alter-ego is really something to look at. She’s purposely awful which adds to the fun factor.

6.)PsychoSoprano – Colleen Baringer’s Channel she did a really fine job with MirandaSings that you wouldn’t even know it was her.

7.)Pewdiepie – I mean really why not? He’s the fastest growing youtube channel ever and he posts the best gaming commentary ever. And of course the fact that he’s fabulous.

8.)Smosh – They really do a fine job in making shorts which will make you laugh. Their currently the biggest youtube link yet.

9.)RageGamingVideos – I can’t believe this guy doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of views. He’s videos are great, funny and Dynamic.
Also note that he holds the Minecraft Quick build challenge and Minecraft Pro Trials.

10.)GenerationHollow – So is this guy he has amazing videos and yet he doesn’t have the amount of subscribers he deserves.


Hey guys! Liked this post and got something on your mind? Leave a comment down below.

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