Small talk

Hey guys! let me tell you a little story about closure
So this happened yesterday morning around 5-6am I guess. So what basically happened is me and Shion well had some closure really. The thing is he kept tweeting about how I should give her up. Well the thing is I love his girl friend who is my Best friend and he kinda got in a bad mood reading my Facebook status which states I will fight for her as long as this heart is beating coughtwilight reference

If you read my post about laziness you know who she is. Anyways I got so offended and Struck down when I read his tweets which led me to another Panic attack. So I screenshot the page on my phone and messaged him on Facebook if he was referring to me. Which undoubtedly he was.

His tone was actually calm. He told me yes but its because he got pissed by my status and it just happened burst it out on twitter. Me being me understands him. He reminded me about our promise about never gonna fight about the same girl we love and we had closure. This did open my horizons and made me re-think what I’m gonna do. I won’t give up and I will still fight for her but in a way I’ve never done before.

This just opened up a new chapter in my state of mind.
So the thing I’m gonna tell you guys here is take into account what the other person has in his mind before you make your own conclusions our you might over think things and stuff might happen.

Anyways next Wednesday I’d be showing you guys how to make an awesome omelet so be sure to look forward to that. Don’t forget to leave feedback.

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