What I Want Do Before I’m 18

Hey Guys! So I decided that every Wednesday I’d be posting something about a random topic. This Wednesday I’d be writing about what I want to do before I’m 18. ๐Ÿ™‚

*Get into a Serious Relationship.
*Become Class Valedictorian.
*Advance a Year in school.
*Master the french language.
*Go to a public library.
*Get a part time job.
*Gain a 6 Pack.
*Start Vloging.
*First Kiss.
*Get a thousand Followers.
*Reach a height of 5″9 (I’m currently 5″4 1/2)
*Reach Black belt in any form of martial arts.
*Get a credit card to start freelancing
*Develop my first full game (Made lots but usually get bored and cancel the development. My one project which I gave my most effort was Day of the Darkness)
*Learn to play the Piano (only know how to play the guitar)
*Reach 80wpm in typing speed. (My current typing speed is 55-65wpm)

That’s basically what I want to achieve before I turn 18. How about you guys? What do you want to achieve before you turn 18? Post it in the comments.
Don’t forget to give feedback ๐Ÿ™‚
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