Laziness? Persistence Prevailed. I need a PEN.

Hey guys this week has been great I must say. It had its ups and downs yet the positive side prevailed. πŸ™‚ Well the lets just stick with the highlights of my week. Not gonna bore you with that much detail. Well for those who doesn’t know I am a Dota Player. Not like the ones you see in the pubs though and I was so annoyed when I was placed in the low Priority for 7 matches just because my team decided to rage quit trice. They were my friends so I didn’t complain I mean its just 7 matches. sigh

Anyways yesterday, Thursday. Me and my two Best-est friends Shion and Kath were suppose to do an offering walk I was so excited but the thing is Kath got lazy and chose to cancel. Also later that day I had a small Panic attack not really sure where that came from but it happened. I just chose to find my comfort zone and tried to fend it off. It does come in short bursts when I least expect it so I’m gonna ask you guys if you can help me figure out why that does happen.

I was so in trouble a while ago, there was a church event a while ago 4 in the morning now my Grandmother asked me if I wanted to come and Since I was a bit lazy so I declined. But the thought of wanting to spend time with my best friends came up in my mind. Which, Inevitably made me tweet and post on Facebook asking who wanted to come. In hope that they might see it and respond. Which Kath did. So I stayed up all night. Later I chatted Shion about it and asked to come. My parents not knowing what I was about to do and yeah. I really wanted to write on my journal but the inevitable happened and we ran out of pen. I mean really? I used dozens of pens but none had any ink. About a quarter before 4am my grandma woke up. Told me to go out and tell my neighbor to come. I took that chance and went to Kath’s not knowing the time I was immediately filled with fear when my father called. I went home got a small beating and got shouted at.Β  Later on the three of us went to church. Took a couple of pictures πŸ™‚

1397772283 1397835105 1397772390 2014-04-18-1143

After which we stayed at my house and just spent the time chilling. After which I spent the rest of the day asleep when I was awoken by my friend David who poked my ear and I just slowly drift back to sleep.

Well that was my week I guess. Well how about it? Give me your feedback on my first Week-end post. Tell me whats flawed and whats alright. I really Appreciate your feed back guys πŸ™‚ Please spread the word around that would be great. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @AlbertIbay and E-mail your feedbacks at πŸ™‚ Thanks


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