Introductions, Introductions, Introductions

Hey guys there guys.The names Albert Jarod Ibay. I live in the Philippines. I’m 13 years old turning 14 this September 6. So why am I writing this blog you ask? Well first of all I’d like a place to share myself to you guys. I know there’s Facebook or Twitter to do that but I’d like a bigger audience. Also this blog will be a way for me to channel myself and be able to increase my self confidence and also to get to meet new people.

Now what am I going to blog about you ask. Well I’m not really sure but It would all come to me at some point I guess. I’m quite diverse and I don’t really know what you people would want to know about. Well I just started so hopefully it would grow. I guess I’d be posting stuff about my week. Some tutorials here and there I guess and If I ever have time probably a Vlog. 🙂

My goal now is to post at least once a week. Not to much cause for a starting blog that is a bit overwhelming and might not be the best route to take.

Now you guys can help me by spreading the word around about my blog. Lets keep touch my Facebook account is … Also follow me at twitter @albertibay Send me feedback. Feedback would really be greatly appreciated. My E-mail is


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